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Contemporary THUNDERBIRD Native American Signet Ring
C1570 Renaissance 22 ct Posey REBUS Ring with Heart Pictogram
Renaissance era 22ct Poesy Ring With Inscription "Yours Till Death"
Renaissance 22 ct Poesy Ring "Seal Up Secrets"
Historic 1812 Mourning Band Ring British PM Spencer Perceval
Art Deco Sapphire and Ruby Day and Night Eternity Band
Chi Rho Micro-Mosaic Christogram Pendant
Victoria 9 karat Double Fetter and Triple Love Knot Albert Chain 18 in
Victorian 9 karat Fetter Link and Love Knot Albert Chain, 16.5 inches
C1780 Old European Cut Diamond Cluster Ring
C1851 Hardstone Cameo Signet Ring with a Gentleman in Profile
Neoclassical Enamel Memorial Ring w/ Miniature Portrait of a Young Gir
C1810 Two Sided Memorial Swivel Ring of Pearls and Enamel
18 Karat Late Victorian Five Stone Half Hoop Diamond Ring
Georgian 15K Cabochon Diamond Round Cluster Ring
Georgian 18K Topaz and Diamond Flower Cluster Ring
C1930 Gold and Platinum Flower Band Ring w Diamond Accents
15 Karat Double Fetter and Love Knot Link Albert Chain 17.8"