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Three Stone Half Hoop Hessonite Garnet Ring, HM B'ham, 1983
C 1970 Pierre Cardin 14k and Sterling Silver Modernist Circle Ring
18K Sapphire and Diamond 7 Stone 1/2 Hoop Ring in White Gold, HM 1975
Ring, 18K gold and platinum band with geometric design
Sigi Modernist Coil Cufflinks C.1964
c.1960 Cat Cufflinks
Sterling Silver Midcentury Nautical Chain Necklace with Anchor Links
HM 1950 9 Karat London Jockey Cap Cufflinks
14 Karat Gold Moonstone Ring, circa 1960
White Gold Midcentury Buckle Ring with Diamonds
18K Mid Century Peridot & Pearl Forget Me Not Style Earrings
Antonio Pineda Sterling and Rectangle Onyx Cufflinks, Circa 1950
Sterling Fenwick & Sailors Star of David Cufflinks, circa 1940
Painted Dog Cufflinks, C. 1940
Harlequin Glass on Sterling Bracelet, circa 1940
Retro Flexible Bracelet of Graduated 925 Sterling Silver Balls
C1940's 12K Gold Filled Forstener Snake Bracelet