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Chi Rho Micro-Mosaic Christogram Pendant
C1815 Berlin Iron Signet Ring w farming tools in size 12
Brooch, Cameo carved C1850 Lava Putty Cameo Brooch of Demeter
RING: Georgian 18K gold amethyst & diamonds
Clasp of a Stuart Crystal with hair and
Memorial 18K, diamond and amethyst with hair paint Ring
Ring, Portuguese Marquis shape Crysolite ring, c. 1800
Ring, Memorial for "John Hulman" set with a hair curl
Ring, Georgian 18K Lozenge shaped memorial ring w/ plaited hair
Stickpin of an enameled foxhead set in 15K gold
Stickpin with an Essex crystal dog in 18K gold frame
Theodore Fahrner Silver Gilt Pansie Form Link Bracelet