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Ring, 18K gold memorial band for 'TIMY COLLINS CLERK 176
Ring, 18K Memorial with hair locket, pearl surround, ena
Ring, 5 Stone crystal ring in a 15K cannetille setting
Ring, amethyst surrounded by pearls set in 18K
Ring, Band of diamonds and rubies set in 14K
Ring, enamel & 18K gold memorial ring for "T. Parr" 1807
Ring, eternity, 18K band with garnets and pearls c 1840
Ring, French silver gilt ring of clasped hands, c. 1780
RING: Georgian 18K gold amethyst & diamonds
Ring, Georgian 18K & plaited hair double snakes
Ring, Georgian diamond ring in flower form in 18K gold
Ring, Georgian ruby 5 stone in 18K gold
Ring, Georgian topaz with pearl surround in 15K gold
Ring, giardinetti, set in silver & 18K c1850
Ring, hair, onyx, 18K gold repousse band 1820
Ring, Hallmarked 1870, 22K band with diamond
Ring, in the form of a snake set with lapis, Ca 1880
Ring, ivy repousse 18K yg band hallmarked Chester, 1895,