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Berlin Iron Signet Ring, C.1815
Sterling Fenwick & Sailors Star of David Cufflinks, circa 1940
Renaissance Revival 18K Colorful Enamel Gentlemen's Ring with Rubies
Brooch: cameo of carved of green lava
Brooch,cameo carved from putty colored lava
RING: Georgian 18K gold amethyst & diamonds
Ring, giardinetti, set in silver & 18K c1850
Clasp of a Stuart Crystal with hair and
Memorial 18K, diamond and amethyst with hair paint Ring
Georgian Turquoise and Pearl 18K Gold Memorial Ring
Ring, 18K gold and platinum band with geometric design
Ring, Portugeuse marquis shape crysolite ring, c. 1800
Ring, Memorial for "John Hulman" set with a hair curl
Ring, Georgian 18K Lozenge shaped memorial ring w/ plaited hair
Stickpin of an enameled foxhead set in 15K gold
Stickpin with an Essex crystal dog in 18K gold frame
Theodore Fahrner Silver Gilt Pansie Form Link Bracelet
SOLD Sterling Betrothal Ring of Clasped hands over a heart, c. 1850