Logo of The Spare Room Antiques
Antique "Imari" Pattern Scent Bottle
Antique Lava Necklace C.1880
Antique Marquis Shaped 15K Enamel and Diamond Ring "Nipped in the Bud"
Antique Moonstone Necklace Gold
Antique Moonstone Silver Necklace
Antique Newhall Porcelain Dish
Antique Pair of Berlin Iron Earrings, 1810
Antique Pair of Jackfield Ware Candlesticks
Antique Paste 5 Stone Basket Set Gold Ring
Antique Paste and Silver Long Drop Earrings
Antique Pearl and Verre EglomiseĢ Portrait Ring
Antique Pinchbeck Muff Chain with Hand Clasp c1840
Antique Pique Dove Brooch
Antique Pique Pansy Pendant
Antique Portuguese Amethyst and Chrysoberyl Ring
Antique Portuguese Chrysoberyl Ring
Antique Portuguese Paste and Silver Earrings c 1780
Antique "Queen Anne" Matching Necklace Parure