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1840s Early Victorian Gold Necklace
Amethyst Paste Poissard Hoop Earrings
Antique 15K Gold Fob Charity Never Faileth, c1870
Antique 18 Karat Aqua, Pink Topaz and Pearl Bracelet
Antique 18K Gold Mesh Collar Necklace, c1870
Antique Banded Agate Bead Necklace
Antique Berlin Iron Cameo Necklace, c1815
Antique Berlin Iron Pair of Bracelets
Antique Bilston Enamel Lion Bonbonniere
Antique Black Dot Paste Curved Drop Earrings
Antique Coral 15K Gold Drop Earrings, circa 1860
Antique Coral and Gold Necklace
Antique Cut Steel Necklace
Antique Cut Steel Necklace
Antique Cut Steel Necklace, c1860
Antique Derby Porcelain "King" Pattern Porter Mug
Antique Derby Porcelain spill vase
Antique Diamond Cluster Ring