Logo of The Spare Room Antiques
Antique Shell Shaped Scent Bottle
Chelsea seal of a lady with "motto"
Creamware Cradle with full body of Baby
Lowestoft Teabowl and Saucer, Schoolhouse Pattern
Pearlware Sauce Tureen of Partridge, Circa 1810
Coalport porcelain teapot "crab" pattern, c.1810
Derby Porcelain Botanical Triangular Dessert Dish
Chelsea Soft Paste Porcelain Plate "Duke of Cambridge"
Antique Victorian Cut Steel Floral Motif Bracelet
Derby Figural Candlesconces, Boy and Girl Boccage
Chelsea seal of putti with motto, Ca 1760
Chelsea seal of a partridge in a nest
Chelsea seal of dancing lady gold anchor
Spode Porcelain Box of Butterfly
Staffordshire Pottery of Cradle w/Baby and Quilt
Antique Rock Crystal Pool of Light Earrings
Antique Victorian Silver Two Color Gold Floral Motif Bangle Bracelet
Antique 15K Gold Fob Charity Never Faileth, c1870
Snuff box in the form of a shoe, marked 1856
Antique Victorian Silver Gold Bangle Bracelet, c1880
Antique Victorian Banded Agate Bead Necklace
Antique Victorian Sterling and Gold Locket, c1880
Antique Victorian Sterling Silver Buckle Bracelet
Antique Newhall Porcelain Dish
Antique Gilt Metal Collar
Hand Painted Chelsea Soft Paste Porcelain Plate
Antique Derby Porcelain "King" Pattern Porter Mug
Antique Pair of Jackfield Ware Candlesticks
Snuff box in the form of a shoe
Coalport Porcelain Capote Imari Pattern
Pearlware Figure of Madam Vestris as the Brushwoman
Snuff box in the form of a shoe
Coalport Porcelain Floral Spill Vase with beading
Antique Victorian Silver Acorn Earrings, circa 1860-1869
Antique Garnet and Gold Quizzing Glass
Royal Worcester Porcelain Hound Head Whistle