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Antique Rock Crystal Riviere Necklace, c1800
Dazzling Antique Georgian Almondine Garnet Pansy Necklace c 1800
Pair of Antique Berlin Iron Bracelets, c1815
Remarkable 18th century 'Queen Anne' Choker and Earrings
Antique Berlin Iron Cameo Necklace, c1815
Antique Georgian 18K Gold Cuff Bracelet, c1800
Antique 18 Karat Aqua, Pink Topaz and Pearl Bracelet
Georgian 18K Muff Chain with Hand Clasp
Portuguese Rock Crystal drop earrings set in silver and 18K gold
Antique Diamond Cluster Ring
Antique Portuguese Paste and Silver Earrings c 1780
Antique Engraved English Gold Drop Earrings, c1820
Antique Pair of Berlin Iron Earrings, 1810
Antique Berlin Iron Pair of Bracelets
Antique Early Victorian Shell Cameo Gold Bracelet, c1840
Antique Victorian Gold Buckle Cuff Bracelet
Antique Gold Lover's Eye Pendant, c1815
Antique High Victorian gilt metal Agate Necklace, c1850
Antique Victorian 18K Gold Fringe Dangle Earrings c1860
Antique Enamel Gold Girandole Earrings, circa 1850
Rare Georgian Pinchbeck Necklace
Antique Gilt Metal Collar
Antique Pinchbeck Muff Chain with Hand Clasp c1840
Antique Pinchbeck Muff Chain with Hand Clasp c1840
Antique Victorian Wedgwood Bead Necklace c1850
Antique French Diamond Gold Moroccan Moors Head Ring
1840s Early Victorian Gold Necklace
Antique Bilston Enamel Lion Bonbonniere
Antique Cut Steel Necklace, c1860
Bow large "Powder Blue" Platter, Ca 1765
Antique 18K Gold Mesh Collar Necklace, c1870
Antique English Vauxhall Glass Drop Earrings, circa 1850
Worcester Dr. Wall Blue Scale Platter c 1770
Derby Figures of Milton and Shakespeare, Circa 1790
Antique Pique Earrings, circa 1880
Antique Moonstone Silver Necklace