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THIMBLE, STERLING, hallmarked Birmingham, 1905
THIMBLE, STERLING, filigree, circa 1810
THIMBLE, STERLING, glass top, circa 1830
THIMBLE, STERLING, Simons circa 1880
Ring: 14K band of 4-color gold c1930
Ring, Band of diamonds and rubies set in 14K
Ring, giardinetti, set in silver & 18K c1850
Ring of amethyst and hair in 15K, hm 1817
Clasp of a Stuart Crystal with hair and
Brooch or pin of pave garnets in form of jockey cap
Tea Caddy Spoon in the form of a jockey cap
Biscuit Tin "First Book" by Peek Frean, 1895
Pin cushion crocheted in form of a candle, Ca 1930
Pin cushion in the form of a basket, Ca 1930
Chamberlain's Worcester porcelain dinner plate, Ca 1820
Ring, eternity, 18K band with garnets and pearls c 1840
Ring, low K gold eternity band with bohemian garnets c 1
Ring, hair, onyx, 18K gold repousse band 1820