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Lowestoft Teabowl and Saucer, Schoolhouse Pattern
Lowestoft Teabowl in Redgrave Pattern
Jackfield Boot of Black glazed Redware
Derby Porcelain Figure of Putto carrying a basket
Derby Porcelain Figure of Putto with Pink Flowers
Derby Figures of Milton and Shakespeare, Circa 1790
Staffordshire Pearlware Figure of Hope
Derby Porcelain Large Figure of Female Gardener
Derby Figural Candlesconces, Boy and Girl Boccage
Derby Plate, Kylin Pattern, Gilhespy, mock Chinese mark
Derby Porcelain Botanical Triangular Dessert Dish
Chelsea Soft Paste Porcelain Plate "Duke of Cambridge"
Hand Painted Chelsea Soft Paste Porcelain Plate
Caughley Soft Paste Porcelain Sugar Bowl
Hand Painted Caughley Soft Paste Porcelain Sauce Boat
Caughley Soft Paste Porcelain Plate, Fisherman Pattern
Ring, Losenge shaped memorial ring in 15K gold and plait
Ring, Memorial for "John Hulman" set with a hair curl