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Ring, in the form of a snake set with lapis, Ca 1880
Victoria bracelet with double row of garnets, Ca 1880
Ironstone Plate Warmer in Bamboo Pattern #2862
Antique Derby Porcelain spill vase
Antique Enameled Egyptian Mummy Pencil
Coral eternity band set in 12K yellow gold, Ca 1800
Stickpin of 15K gold snake with garnet
Brooch,cameo carved from putty colored lava
Brooch of rare aluminum, Ca 1850
Biscuit Tin "First Book" by Peek Frean, 1895
Coalport Cup & Saucer, Cobalt Ground, John Rose Factory
Earring made of seed pearls
Staffordshire Cradle of Yellow Glazed Pottery
Staffordshire Pearlware Fish Mold
Mason's ironstone platter, design influenced by Meissen
Brooch of pique, circa 1860
Coalport Porcelain Dinner Plate "Dragon" Pattern
THIMBLE, STERLING, filigree, circa 1810
Newhall Porcelain Cup & Saucer with Mother and Child
Brooch in the form of a beetle, c1840
Jug of Bacchus with Frog Pottery
Caughley Soft Paste Porcelain Plate, Fisherman Pattern
Mason's ironstone leaf form dish, Vase on Table pattern
Newhall Porcelain Tea Tile, Tobacco Leaf pattern #27
Ring, French silver gilt ring of clasped hands, c. 1780
Coalport porcelain dinner plate, pattern #835, Ca 1815
Pearlware spirit flask in form of a cucumber, c 1840
Hicks & Meigh Ironstone Soup Plate in "Waterlily" Patt
18K gold twig frame earrings, pearl in star cut boss
Ring, ivy repousse 18K yg band hallmarked Chester, 1895,
Ring, wide gold cased repousse band dated 1827, size 9 1
18K gold double chained stickpins, red enamel hearts
Ring, low K gold eternity band with bohemian garnets c 1
Rattle with Little Boy Blue
Coalport Tea Tile, Finger and Bow Pattern Variant