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Ring, Victorian, 15K gold "Regard"
Ring, 5 Stone crystal ring in a 15K cannetille setting
Ring, Victorian heart shaped ring set with ruby in 15K
Ring, Russian silver gilt "fede" ring, c. 1880
Ring, motif of clasped hands or "fede " in 18K gold
Ring, puzzle in silver of hands over a heart, c. 1850
Brooch of pietra dura pansies, set in 15K gold bezel c18
Brooch or pin of cut steel symbolizing "good luck"
Brooch of a diamond knot circa 1850
Pique brooch of a butterfly, c1870
Brooch of pique, circa 1860
Brooch of a Pique bird, Ca 1870
Brooch vauxhall glass bug in red, c 1860
Brooch vauxhall glass bug in black, c 1860
Brooch of rare aluminum, Ca 1850
Ring, ivy repousse 18K yg band hallmarked Chester, 1895,
Ring, Hallmarked 1870, 22K band with diamond
Bracelet of 15K gold & Scottish agate with a padlock