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Ring, Memorial 18K, diamond and amethyst with hair paint
Ring, Memorial for 'HAMBROUGH 1806' in 18K gold and enam
Ring, Memorial for "John Hulman" set with a hair curl
Ring, Mesh band of 18K, 3 color gold, Ca 1820.
Ring, motif of clasped hands or "fede " in 18K gold
Ring of 3 sapphires with 4 diamonds in 18K gold
Ring of amethyst and hair in 15K, hm 1817
Ring of Black Hills gold, Ca 1920
Ring of blond hair c1840
Ring of brown hair c1840
Ring of dutch crown diamonds, 15K gold cluster setting
Ring of plaited hair with a pearl surround in 12K gold
Ring of Portuguese paste, marquis shape in 18K & silver
Ring, Portugeuse marquis shape crysolite ring, c. 1800
Ring, puzzle in silver of hands over a heart, c. 1850
Ring, Ruby 5 stone in 18K claw setting with diamonds
Ring, Russian silver gilt "fede" ring, c. 1880
Ring, signet of hair and gold