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Ring of amethyst and hair in 15K, hm 1817
Ring, amethyst surrounded by pearls set in 18K
RING: Georgian 18K gold amethyst & diamonds
Ring 15K Georgian period "illusion" repousse
Brooch of a miniature portrait of a young woman painted
Brooch in the form of a beetle, c1840
Ring, Losenge shaped memorial ring in 15K gold and plait
Ring, Memorial for "John Hulman" set with a hair curl
Ring of Portuguese paste, marquis shape in 18K & silver
Ring, Portugeuse marquis shape crysolite ring, c. 1800
Ring, Georgian diamond ring in flower form in 18K gold
Ring, French silver gilt ring of clasped hands, c. 1780
Ring, Memorial 18K, diamond and amethyst with hair paint
Clasp of a Stuart Crystal with hair and
RING: 15K gold and green paste eternity band, circa 1780
Ring, in the form of a snake set with lapis, Ca 1880
Antique Eighteenth Century Portuguese Gold Paste Marquise Shaped Ring
Earrings of 18K gold, carved pendaloque c1830