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Stieff "Corsage" fruit spoon
Gorham "Cluny" teaspoon
Gorham "Cluny" pattern sterling silver luncheon fork
Durgin "Fairfax" pattern gravy ladle, Ca 1910
Inkstand, miniature in pewter, Ca 1900
Snuff box in the form of a shoe
pin cushion in the form of an swan c1890
THIMBLE, STERLING, hallmarked London, 1896
THIMBLE, STERLING, hallmarked Birmingham, 1905
THIMBLE, STERLING, filigree, circa 1810
THIMBLE, STERLING, glass top, circa 1830
THIMBLE, STERLING, Simons circa 1880
Tea Caddy Spoon in the form of a jockey cap
Biscuit Tin "First Book" by Peek Frean, 1895
Pin cushion crocheted in form of a candle, Ca 1930
Pin cushion in the form of a basket, Ca 1930
Pipe tamp, brass in the form of a hand
Snuff box in the form of a shoe, marked 1856
Tartanware napkin rings, assorted clans, Ca 1900
Dominick & Haff "Rococo" Sterling Tea Strainer, Ca 1890