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Snuff box in the form of a shoe, marked 1856
THIMBLE, STERLING, glass top, circa 1830
THIMBLE, STERLING, filigree, circa 1810
Dominick & Haff "Rococo" Sterling Tea Strainer, Ca 1890
Tartanware napkin rings, assorted clans, Ca 1900
Pipe tamp, brass in the form of a hand
Biscuit Tin "First Book" by Peek Frean, 1895
THIMBLE, STERLING, Simons circa 1880
THIMBLE, STERLING, hallmarked London, 1896
Snuff box in the form of a shoe
STIEFF Chrysanthemum place knive silver plated, blunt
Cigar cutter in the form of a dancer
M.W.&Co Prattware plate. Wine ewer and fruit decoration
Snuff box in the form of a shoe
THIMBLE, STERLING, hallmarked Birmingham, 1905
Inkstand, miniature in pewter, Ca 1900
Gorham "Cluny" pattern sterling silver luncheon fork
Gorham "Cluny" teaspoon