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Rattle with Little Boy Blue
STIEFF Chrysanthemum place knive silver plated, blunt
Gorham "Chantilly" baby pusher, Ca 1900
Biscuit tin - Huntley & Palmers "Fruit Basket"
Box for a ring, brass with ring on top
Gorham "Chantilly" sterling tomato server, Ca 1900
Whiting "Lily" demitasse spoons
Cigar cutter in the form of a dancer
M.W.&Co Prattware plate. Wine ewer and fruit decoration
Biscuit Tin - McVitie Price "Cabinette"
Snuff box in the form of a shoe
Schofield "Baltimore Rose" engraved back chowder spoon
Reed & Barton sterling silver "Francis I" baby fork
Biscuit tin - Huntley & Palmers Red Book $360
Schofield "Baltimore Rose" sugar tongs
Box for a ring, brass with ring on top
Schofield "Baltimore Rose" 2 engraved back salad forks
Biscuit Tin- Huntley & Palmers "Bookstand"