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Ashworth imari pattern ironstone dinner plate, Ca 1865
Ashworth "japan" pattern dinner plate, Ca 1850
Bow large "Powder Blue" Platter, Ca 1765
Caughley Soft Paste Porcelain Plate, Fisherman Pattern
Caughley Soft Paste Porcelain Sugar Bowl
Chamberlain's Worcester Dessert Plate, Nelson's Pattern
Chamberlain's Worcester porcelain dinner plate, Ca 1820
Chamberlain Worcester Dinner Plate, Bow pattern variant
Chamberlain Worcester platter, "Nelson" Pattern, C.1805
Chamberlain Worcester porcelain plate, Ca 1815
Chelsea seal of a lady with "motto"
Chelsea seal of a partridge in a nest
Chelsea seal of dancing lady gold anchor
Chelsea seal of putti with motto, Ca 1760
Chelsea Soft Paste Porcelain Plate "Duke of Cambridge"
Coalport Cup & Saucer, Cobalt Ground, John Rose Factory
Coalport Dinner Plate "Money Tree" or "Regency" Pattern
Coalport Porcelain Capote Imari Pattern