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Coalport porcelain plate, "Vase on Table" pattern, c.1
Coalport porcelain teapot "crab" pattern, c.1810
Chamberlain Worcester platter, "Nelson" Pattern, C.1805
Pearlware Sauce Tureen of Partridge, Circa 1810
Newhall Porcelain Tobacco Leaf Pattern Teabowl & Saucer
Newhall Teabowl & Saucer with Boy-In-Window Pattern
Newhall Porcelain Tea Tile, Tobacco Leaf pattern #27
Newhall Porcelain Cup & Saucer with Strawberry Pattern
Newhall Porcelain Cup & Saucer with Mother and Child
Newhall Porcelain Cup & Saucer with Blue and Gold
Mason's Ironstone Soup Plate in a Japan Pattern
Mason's Ironstone Shaped Dish with Angry Flower
Lowestoft Teabowl and Saucer, Schoolhouse Pattern
Lowestoft Teabowl in Redgrave Pattern
Jug of Bacchus with Frog Pottery
Jackfield Boot of Black glazed Redware
Ironstone Plate Warmer in Bamboo Pattern #2862
English Ironstone Side Plate, Imari Pattern
Hicks & Meigh Ironstone Soup Plate in "Waterlily" Patt
Herculaneum Creamware Plate in Chrysanthemum Pattern
Granger Worcester Porcelain Shell Dish in Japan Pattern
Derby Porcelain Figure of Putto carrying a basket
Derby Porcelain Figure of Putto with Pink Flowers
Derby Figures of Milton and Shakespeare, Circa 1790
Pearlware Figure of Madam Vestris as the Brushwoman
Staffordshire Pearlware Figure of Hope
Derby Porcelain Large Figure of Female Gardener
Staffordshire Pearlware Fish Mold
Staffordshire Cradle of Yellow Glazed Pottery
Staffordshire Pottery of Cradle w/Baby and Quilt
Derby Figural Candlesconces, Boy and Girl Boccage
Spode Porcelain Box of Butterfly
Derby Porcelain Shell Shaped Dish with Acanthus Leaf
Derby Plate, Kylin Pattern, Gilhespy, mock Chinese mark